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The beautiful thing about creativity is that everyone has their own perception of it. Inspiration stems from so may different aspects of life. For Michelle Carlson, owner and founder of Wildflower Cases, it was just simply a way of channeling out her creativity to create one of a kind pieces for her two gorgeous daughters. Or as Michelle would say “Finding something you love and just DO IT”. I can see exactly why Michelle was inspired by her daughters. These two girls obviously have such unique style and I have to say, I admire their boldness! (Photo Below)


Based out of sunny Southern California, Wildflower Cases is growing at an impressive rate with more than 68k followers on Instagram, almost 6,000 on Twitter and over 1,000 likes on Facebook. It’s safe to say that Wildflower Cases will be taking the world by storm this 2013. These obviously aren’t your typical cell phone cases which is exactly why I waited a month for mine to come in for my iPhone 5. There was absolutely no way I was putting any other case on my phone. Why wouldn’t I wait for the most edgy unique looking cell phone case?

The artistry of each one of these cases is not only that they are hand made or that she creates the design herself but the beauty of not one case being identical. Just as in life, not one of us is the same, we are all different and made beautiful to our own perfection. The uniqueness of the case is what caught my attention, the fact that it wasn’t like every other one you see on the market these days. The craftsman ship is well constructed together and attention to detail is impressive.

Isn’t their packaging adorbs?



Michelle was kind enough to find a moment in between creating these beauties to answer a few of my questions about the brand, her inspiration behind it as well as what is in store for the future of Wildflower Cases!

What were you doing before Wildflower Cases came to life?

I had been making distressed studded denim shorts with fabric for my daughters and selling to others as well. It was a lot of hard work, each pair took about 2 hours to make. These actually became the inspiration for making the iPhone cases.

What made you decide on starting your own business?

There was so much interest in the phone cases and people kept asking if we had a website so it made me realize there was demand and especially after Miley Cyrus fell in love with them! She really made me realize, if she loves them, then I’m sure a lot of girls her age would!

(c/o www.wildflowercases.com)

Where did the name Wildflower cases originate from?

I wanted a name that was edgy and sweet and I thought Wildflower fit perfectly. It was actually the first name we came up with and it fits perfectly.

Where do you find your inspiration from?

A lot of inspiration comes from my daughters and their love of fashion. However, I’ve always been creative and love exploring with patterns, colors and styles. I don’t really go out and research but if I see certain colors or textures, the idea will just pop into my head and we just create it.

I’ve seen that you’ve designed a few vintage high waisted shorts and have embellished them with your own personal twist. Do you think Wildflower Cases will extend in product merchandise as well as cases for other cell phones, iPad cases, and clothing?

We have definitely considered getting into apparel and its part of our plans for 2013. We are going to offer other phone cases like Android, Samsung and iPod/iPad cases. As long as it fits what our audience wants and expects from Wildflower, then we will move forward with it. We are very careful about introducing new products, we really want to make sure we love it first.

What’s next for Wildflower Cases?

Just continue to be creative, introduce new designs for phone cases, explore new product ideas and have fun working hard!

If you could give one piece of advice to future entrepreneurs what would it be?

Find what you LOVE to do and just do it!!! Surround yourself with positive supportive people and don’t let any negative people try to knock you down because they’ll try. There’s always MORE love and support so stay focused on that and always be thankful for the little things everyday. From likes to comments on Instagram… love it all.


Soooo in excitement I had to make my own flower crown for this photo shoot in honor of all things Wildflower!!! DIY on the flower crown will be posted on the 5th so stay tuned for that!!


If you haven’t checked out Wildflower cases what are you waiting for?

Wildflower Cases is growing so quickly that they have endless amounts of orders to fulfill. If you do decide to order one be patient, trust me it’s very well worth the wait. Check them out and order your case!! www.wildflowercases.com

Be sure to follow them on Instagram- Wildflowercases and Twitter @wildflowercases

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