Keeping It Real

First things first, I’m the realest. Yes, I realize its 2015. Yes, I realize I haven’t posted anything since last year but heres the REAL DEAL, I hate writing. I would much rather be in front of a camera discussing real life shit like holy fuck I’m on that $10 dollar diet until Friday because thats all I have in my bank account. Or maybe I shouldn’t have spent that $40.00 at Soul Cycle or the should I fake my death because I don’t want to pay my student loans?  Ok ok maybe not that last part but it most certainly has crossed my mind.  So now that we have all of that business squared away heres the situation my little lamb chops.  I clearly have been slacking because I’ve added yet another job to my already overflowing plate and man am I loving it. Brings me to a total of four job guys.   I enjoy being busy it gives me that extra challenge I so need because I get bored easily.  This is probably why I don’t entertain the idea of having a boyfriend, I get bored way to easily and don’t have the time.

I will not be posting just fashion related things but this site is now just going to be an outlet of whatever the fuck I want to talk about. Sorry mom, my foul mouth will not be filtered but you love me anyway.

These photos were taken when I was visiting home two months ago. One of my best guy friends  who is always taking album cover like photos and tumblr worthy posts shot these for me. The Bruno Mars impostor likes to claim he was part of the Varsity year book team in high school almost ten years ago. However, I have to hand it to him, he’s still got it.

I feel like this outfit screams, ” Hi, i’ve been binge watching Gossip Girl and it’s gotten to my head so badly that it’s become my life”. (Disclaimer: I’ve never watched an episode of Gossip Girl in my life).  But if I did, I’m sure it would look something like this.


IMG_8406 IMG_8405 IMG_8407 IMG_8408
IMG_8414 IMG_8415

IMG_8459 IMG_8464 IMG_8471



Eyelash Cardigan, Blouse, Shorts & Necklace : Forever 21

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Shades: Ray Ban









Because when you feel bloated all you want to wear are loose fitting clothing and wrap yourself into a little ball of bloatedness and eat Oreos. Or it just turns into a Flashdance looking type of situation minus being drenched in water.  Clearly this was not a planned shoot and ended up in some old building in downtown Los Angeles. Give me a random chair, a camera and I will give you Jennifer Beals circa 1983.

Bralette | JD Luxe   Top | Urban Outfitters  Hat | Urban Outfitters  Shoes | Steve Madden 


The Eliana Barajas is Back

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I don’t even know where to start aside, where the fuck have I been? I mean ideally I would like to lie and say traveling around the world.  I could give you the lame truth of ” I work three jobs, maintain my social life and somehow manage to pluck my eyebrows and shave my legs.” Truth is life happens and I lost my motivation to write and even take photos because of the amount of time and effort that goes into it.  I mean to many of you it looks like, “Ok Eliana, you basically wear clothes and take photos in them”.  It’s much more than that. I have to take the time to put together an outfit that I’ve created in my mind based on my wardrobe. Try it on to see if it still makes sense visually. Scout a location because I’m anal like that and make sure my photographer is available to shoot when I can. Then I have to drive to the location which can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour because there is traffic and home girl got hungry and thought In-N-Out was a good idea prior to shooting. Not to mention I like music playing while I’m shooting these photos so I am also having a dance party by myself.  Then shoot the actual photos, come home upload and write. Although I never really upload and write the same day, I thought I would say that to make me sound more on my game. I lied.

I work three jobs and the last thing I want to do is spend my one day off shooting, writing and editing.  I’d rather be at Soul Cycle and spending my time catching up with my closest friends. However, I’ve come full circle and am back on my grind.  Reset, motivated and ready!

So while I finish the edits on some videos, put together new outfit posts and other shenanigans, I wanted to update you!  Here are a few photos of my recent adventures and impromptu shoots that never made it onto a post. Have a beautiful day you little Ninja Turtles. I don’t know why I just called you guys Ninja Turtles. K bye.






Dead and Gone




IMG_0133 IMG_0142 IMG_0146




Syke. No I’m not dead and gone but very much alive and breathing. If you were sitting in front of me and still failed to believe me, I’d let you poke me just to be sure. But you’re not, so keep your hands to yourself. Hi by the way!

For thee longest time I have wanted to do a photo shoot down by the LA River. I knew of an entrance but was afraid to get caught trespassing. I woke up this particular morning, grew some balls and walked down the steep cement walkway in the heels pictured above, because why not?

Walking down there made one of my dreams come true. OK, well maybe not a dream but it was for sure a surreal moment being able to stand in the exact location where they shot the racing scene from “Grease”. I was a huge fan. In middle school I had a group of friends who would practice the “Grease Lightning” moves during recess for our “talent show”. I would watch it so religiously that I got tired of rewinding my VHS over and over. VHS for those young’uns who may not know what they are, they’re what I like to call “ancient artifacts” we use to watch movies on. They’re so old even spell check was like “wtf”.

I’ve been slacking on style inspiration lately. That is until I pulled together some stuff I had hanging in my closet which just hadn’t seen the light of day in a while. Then again this is something I’d probably wear at night anyway but that’s beside the point.

My faux leather crop top is from the well-known fashion truck I have the pleasure of working for, J.D. Luxe. Not to mention my necklace was a gift from my amazing boss Jordana. We don’t have this necklace in stock anymore but we have some amazing statement pieces you should go check out before we sell out! High waisted skirts are always great for my fat days and are a great way to accentuate the shape of my body because I am woman, hear me roar! No but seriously, I love how it hugs the curves of my body and I almost kinda feel very Iggy Azalea-ish. That girl’s got some definite hour-glass shape going on.

My BCBGeneration heels are my savior and are about the only heels I can rely on. Especially if I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time walking or dancing. My sunglasses need no royal introduction since I feel like they’re in every freaking post. I can’t help it, I love them.

Have a fantastic weekend! I will be back sooner than later. Xx

Fresh To Death

IMG_0042 IMG_0054 IMG_0051 IMG_0047 IMG_0057 IMG_0018
IMG_0072 IMG_0124 IMG_0136 IMG_0142

BLOUSE | Nordsrom BP     DENIM | Free People      MOTO JACKET | Forever 21  FLANNEL | Equipment  SHOES | Forever 21   SUNGLASSES | Ray Bans    BAG | Rebecca Minkoff   NECKLACE | Dogeared “Karma”

If you’ve been following my blog for quite sometime, you may recall that this background is one I’ve used before.  The amazingly constructed Walt Disney Concert Hall. It amazes me that I’ve been living in Los Angeles for almost three years and I catch myself being such a tourist sometimes.

The beauty of this city is that I still haven’t discovered it all, all the tiny unknown hidden gems that lurk in part of the city because I don’t explore as much as I’d like.  Almost like a majority of our lives, we still have so much to discover about ourselves. The reality of this is that we all are lost and in order to find these hidden gems within us we have to explore things we’ve never done.  Ok I’m done with my metaphoric life lesson of the day.

 As we all know nothing makes me happier then putting together a dope outfit on accident.  I was sorting through a box of clothing that were about to be on their way to finding a new homeowner in the hopes that Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange would adopt them.  I stumbled upon this pleather sleeveless moto jacket I got at Forever 21 over a year and half ago and thought to myself why did I throw this in here? If I don’t even realize that I own it, I probably shouldn’t have it.

I slipped on my  white Free People denim jeans and off white blouse from Nordstrom (seen here in previous post).  To break the color tone apart I decided to tie my Equipment button up.  I surprisingly never wear it as a button up but more so as an accessory around my waist. To complete the look I put on my old but newly found pleather moto jacket.

I’m not a fan of patent leather or the faux patent leather look aka plastic but when I saw these shoes at Forever 21 a while back I had to buy them.  Even though they’ve sat in my closet for months, I dusted them off and allowed them to finally make an appearance.

Moving on to my accessories. I own possibly one too many sunglasses and I’m sure you guys are sick to death of me always wearing my House of Harlow sunglasses. Don’t worry I did you all a favor and wore my Erika Ray Bans, you’re welcome.  I’ve probably been wearing my Dogeared jewelry in every post these last few months but I didn’t want jewelry to over power the outfit.



Just A Small Town Girl

IMG_0053 IMG_0056

IMG_0033 IMG_0093
IMG_0071 IMG_0055 IMG_0089 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0086

DRESS | Forever 21   BOOTS | Jeffery Campbell   NECKLACE | Dogeared 

Reformation is by far one of my favorite brands however, the prices aren’t exactly always ideal for my wallet. Although this dress isn’t Reformation it most certinly reminded me of a dress I had seen a while back.  I went home last weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom duh. My mom and I always venture to the Visalia Mall and into Forever 21 because I seem to find pieces I can’t find here in Los Angeles.  I love finding pieces there that make you question is that really Forever 21? So yes, this dress is from Forever 21 and is by far my obsession at the moment. The lightweight fabric and slits on each side and open back are quite the air flow system my body needs in this heat.

Since Woodlake, my hometown has an infamous Rodeo every year for Mother’s Day weekend I wanted to keep in spirit and wear something “Rodeo” like.  Well this is my rendition, my Jeffery Campbell Tripoli Cutout boots gave the outfit more of a casual look. I didn’t want to look ridiculous in heels out in the middle of no where because let’s face it I was already get weird looks from standing in the middle of the road.

In honor of Mother’s Day I wore my matching Dogeared Mother / Daughter Heart necklace that I have been wearing just as much as my Karma necklace.

It’s Friday, time to go make stories for Monday.  Have a great and safe weekend!







Nonchalant Chic



IMG_0102 IMG_0137




BLAZER | Forever 21 (old) Similar Here   TANK | Nordstrom BP    SHORTS | Forever 21  SNEAKERS | Forever 21   NECKLACE | Brandy Melville  SUNNIES | House of Harlow 1960  BAG | Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by: Mystery Man

Wow. Isn’t this quite the surprise?  I’m actually not wearing a hint of black and no…. my purse doesn’t count. My Easter was spent here in Los Angeles and didn’t consist of hunting eggs full of chocolate godliness. No carne asada or grandma’s homemade tortillas. Instead it was just like any other day that included a photo sesh and stuffing my face with the best of the best. Pizzanista.  Leave it up to me to wear white on the day I eat pizza because I always manage to get food on myself.

I always tell people not to buy the same shirt in different colors but this woven tank from Nordstrom BP is the only exception. These tanks in every color will probably be the death of my bank account. Although they’re super affordable the $28 x 10 will start adding up. One every week should be ok right?

I was digging through my closet and found this navy blue blazer that was seemingly hidden behind a bunch of black blazers, leather jackets and sweaters. I got this eons ago when I was living back home with my parents. So that basically means its vintage.  I’m joking; it was only like three plus years ago.

Keeping the color pallet simple, these abstract shorts were perfectly lightweight and fit the look I was going for.

Perforated Slip-on sneakers are popping up everywhere. I had told myself on this shopping trip no purchases, just a casual browsing sesh in Forever 21 but once I laid my eyes on them, my immediate thought was “Holy shit Eliana, these are very much similar to the Vince Blair Slip-On Sneakers you wanted but cost $195.” Well for $26 dollars plus tax they’re mine and they’re so comfy. I still want the black ones but with most things at Forever 21 you better grab them once you see them because chances are you will never see them again.

Let’s hear it for the sunglasses that are always on my face and fit me with such style and grace. They’re my go to sunglasses. I feel like I should buy another pair just to have as backup. Of course, no outfit post would be complete with my hint of black. My beloved Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C.






IMG_0017 IMG_0068 IMG_0124 IMG_0059

 | JACKET  Ann Taylor  |  DENIM  H&M (Similar) |  TEE Cotton Citizen Pocket Tee |

Photography by : Vrindavani Avila

Impromptu shoots are by far the best thing since pizza, ok maybe that’s just my personal opinion but when they fall into place this naturally I can’t lie, I’m one happy girl. I spent last weekend vintage shopping with a long time friend, who also played the part as my photographer for the day, Vrindavani. The lighting in her cozy apartment set the perfect ambience for this outfit shoot.

During a late night online shopping shesh, I came across this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor Tweed jacket that I absolutely fell in love with. Once I looked at the price on this gorgeous son of a gun, my heart sank. I knew it wasn’t going to be a bargan, I mean come on it’s Rebecca Taylor but nonetheless I was sad put it into my shopping cart and exited out of the window. A day later, I walk into Ann Taylor, low and behold there was this godliness folded on the front table. I think we all know how this story turns out. Girl meets jacket, girl takes jacket home, girl lives happily ever after with jacket.

It seems like I’ve been living in this black tee from Cotton Citizen these last few blog posts but I swear, I’ve washed it guys. Here it is again, coming from the girl who never wears a tee shirt and jeans. I lied, I’ve started to use them quite a bit, especially as a layering piece and to set the tone for the entire outfit. These H&M jeans are making their first debut on Karmatic Illusion however they always save me from disastrous days when I never know what to wear. I did have my Chinese Laundry pointed flats on that appeared in the post prior to this but Vrinda has a no shoes in my apartment rule so my feet went commando. newsignature

A Long Way From Home

IMG_0392 IMG_0406 IMG_0422 IMG_0468 IMG_0413 IMG_0478 IMG_0472 IMG_0475 IMG_0400 IMG_0499


| TEE– Cotton Citizen | JEANS– Joes Jeans  | SHOES– Chinese Laundry  | NECKLACE– Zara

I constantly unconsciously pair black and white together on the daily. It’s turned into a way of life and I’ve accepted it. These photos were shot a few weeks ago by my beautiful mother. How could I not put her gorgeous face in this post?

The Central Valley has so many beautiful places to explore and there is truly no other place that I can go to collect my thoughts and take a break away from Los Angeles.

I was looking for the perfect white blazer but as usual I always end up liking the more expensive ones.  With that in mind I went on a mission to find a similar one but within my price range. I found one for $25 dollars back home at some random shop in the mall.  I wanted to keep the look of this outfit relaxed and not over done, so I paired it with my Cotton Citizen scoop neck tee to neutralize the casualness of the outfit.

I found these Joe Jeans at Crossroads on a random trip for $30.  I always have issues finding boyfriend jeans that fit my body type. Most of them have whiskering washed into the denim and doesn’t help us woman who already have big hips.  They only make us look bigger in case you didn’t know.  These have slight whiskering so I was able to pull them off.

I found these pointed toe Chinese Laundry flats at a LF’s huge winter sale for $28 dollars.  They’re currently my go tos when I’m on the go.

Last but not least, if it hasn’t caught your attention, the statement of all statement necklaces from ZARA tied together the look.


The Secret Garden

garden8 garden garden3



garden7 garden5 garden4 garden9 garden2 garden12


Greetings from my safe haven! Woodlake, my home sweet home. My brother, who is in the military and stationed in Japan, finally arrived on american soil last Friday! I picked him up from LAX and we began our little road trip home to surprise our parents and family who had no idea we were coming. He hasn’t been home since last June and it was nothing short of an emotional homecoming.  We surprised our parents individually and then my grandparents.  Happy to say I’ve been enjoying a mini vacation away from Los Angeles this past week. I’ve been soaking in the beautiful weather at home, I spent the first day of spring with my mother at Watsons, the only health food store in Visalia with killer amazing sandwiches and quinoa.

I used to be a regular and spent much of my time here before I moved to Los Angeles. Watson’s reminds me so much of the movie The Secret Garden, that I use to watch religiously as a child. It was refreshing to walk in and see the girls working there still remember me.

The seating in the back was not only the perfect place for lunch but also the perfect outfit shoot layout. I spent the afternoon in my sheer burn out jersey tank top from Acne. Due to it’s sheerness I always pair it along with my black lace bralette from Urban Outfitters.  Having small boobs does indeed have its perks when I can get away with a look like this.  I tucked in my ACNE tank into my Zara trousers to create a more sophisticated look.  I’ve been breaking in my Sam Edelman “Opal” d’Orsay pumps, the heel isn’t so high so I’m able to walk in them for hours.  I pulled out my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac CrossbodyTimex Dress Chronograph Watch and Ann Taylor necklace,  I felt pulled together the effortless look.

TOP | Acne (Similar Here)       TROUSERS | TRF Zara   HEELS| Sam Edelman

BAG | Rebecca Minkoff  ACCESSORIES| Timex Watch (Gifted) & Ann Taylor Necklace